Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Beer in Deadwood

After Keystone, we stopped here,

Because we saw this giant chair and we're uber-tourists by now.

Biker Carnival? That ferris wheel was dangerously close to that building, no one was riding it. I wonder why...

Our last stop in the Black Hills of South Dakota was Deadwood.  

This is the town where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane killed it and ultimately were killed.

Bikers don't look so tough deboarding a tour bus.

Because of the biker rally, tons of places were offering free beer.

People getting married.  Gabbie was the flower girl.

Fake hussies in the window.

Miss Kitty's Chinatown Cafe.  We ate there.  It was surprisingly decent!

It was also the top floor of a casino

Thank goodness, cause we spotted this guy from our rooftop perspective. Dumbledore's badass twin

Pump House coffee & deli.  This garage turned cafe was awesome.

These guys were playing hits from the 90's including Ben Folds and Cracker (on the piano).

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